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The Twelfth Sin Is Believing You Don’t Have A Choice

The twelfth sin is believing we don’t have a choice. You hear people say that all the time, “I don’t have a choice.” The truth is, we always have a choice. When we say we don’t have a choice, what we are really saying is that we don’t like any of the choices available to us.

Sometimes we don’t want to make a choice because we may be afraid of failure. We think that it’s better to stay where we are than to make a move and fail. Even if the situation we are in is painful, we would rather stay in it because it’s familiar.

Other times we don’t make a choice because we are afraid of success. If we succeed, then people will expect more from us and we may not be able to live up to their expectations. We may think it’s better to stay where we are than to deal with the pressure that success brings.

We always have choices. Lots of choices. We may not like the choices available but we have them and we have to choose one. Not making a choice is, itself, a choice. We have complete control over our lives. We don’t have to be anywhere we don’t want to be. We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do.

We need to always be in control of our lives. The only way to be in control of our lives is to be aware of all the choices we have and to decide what we will do. If we make a wrong decision, we can always make another choice that will correct our mistake. It’s best to stay in control and not be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes is normal and helps us grow by teaching us to make better decisions in the future.

Never say you don’t have a choice, like you are a helpless victim who is not in control of your life. The more aware you are of the choices you have in each situation, the better you will get at choosing the ones that will take you where you want to go.


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