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The Third Sin Is Cruelty

The third sin is cruelty means just what it says, do not be cruel. We must strive to never be cruel to other people. We may unknowingly do something that causes harm to someone but that is different from being deliberately cruel. We must never take pleasure from causing harm to others.

It is part of the human condition to want others to suffer when they hurt us. We always want revenge against them. This is normal. But it is up to us to stop ourselves from doing so. This does not mean we have to put up with other people’s shit. No we don’t. It means if there is a way to make ourselves feel better without cruelty then we must do it.

Humans are especially cruel to animals. We don’t believe they have the same rights as we do. We hunt them, sell their cubs for money, we exploit them, we use them for entertainment and we keep them as pets. We don’t believe they have autonomy like we do. We’ve made it impossible for them to live their lives in their natural habitat which is cruel. Our needs are not above theirs even though our egos may tell us that.

People who are cruel to children are especially vile. Being cruel to helpless creatures, children, the handicapped and the elderly is very low. No one who is like that should be a part of any Sommerian community. Cruel people, especially those who enjoy being cruel, who laugh at other people’s suffering need therapy to change their ways. They need to know that that type of behavior is unacceptable.


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