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The Sixth Sin Is Fornication

The sixth sin is to use intercourse as a recreational activity. Mother Nature gave us intercourse to create children. It was not meant to be used all the time, whenever we want to, just for pleasure.

Intercourse is for creating another human being. How do we not take that seriously? We create other people by accident? It’s another human being! Ninety-eight percent of people born today are "accidents".

The number one threat to our existence right now is over population yet we keep churning out babies. We won't let women have abortions. We won't teach men to stop getting women pregnant. We won't put a ban on the number of children people are allowed to have. And we keep using intercourse to "prove our love" for each other, not caring that we are creating more people in the process.

Every child should be a wanted child, a planned for child, a child that parents have the money to raise, a child that is loved, a child that parents are prepared to take care of until they reach adulthood. Instead we are filling the world with children who are unplanned, unwanted and unneeded.

Fornication leads to unwanted children, adoptions, abortions, physical abuse, abandonment and murder. Fornication creates a world full of suffering. Women suffer because they are forced to give birth to children they don't want, especially teenage girls. Children suffer because their mothers didn't want them but were forced to give birth to them anyway. The world suffers because there are already too many of us on this planet and we just keep making more.


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