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The Second Sin Is Doing Nothing

The second sin is doing nothing means do not stand by, watch people suffer and do nothing. We live in a world in which people learn to be apathetic to other people’s suffering. The ego causes us to only think about ourselves and our own safety. As long as something doesn’t affect us personally, we don’t care. This is why one of the best ways to get people to change is to make whatever they are doing to hurt other people affect them negatively in some way. Once something affects them negatively, they will do something to change it.

Unfortunately, most things that happen to other people do not affect the people who are causing them to suffer. When a dictator is in charge, what they are doing to the people in their charge does not affect them negatively in any way so they don’t care if people are starving or if people are unhappy. Their ego says, “I’m happy and that’s all that matters.”

The people in charge rely on people doing nothing. As long as no one does anything they can keep doing what they do. The second sin is doing nothing means you must always do something. You must always say something. When you are silent, you are condoning whatever is happening. You must let those around you know that you do not condone what is happening. As long as you are silent the bully keeps bullying, the dictator keeps dictating and those who can't defend themselves keep suffering.


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The mission of The Sommerians is to empower women. We will do that by educating women on how to take control of their lives. Our vision for the future is a world run by women in which everyone lives in peace and no sentient being is suffering.

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