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The Fourth Sin Is Sexual Intimacy With Children

The fourth sin is sexual intimacy with children. Seuxal intimacy means talking in a sexual way to children. Showing sexual images or videos to children. Touching children in a sexual way. Engaging in sexual activity with children. If you need to be told why you cannot bne sexually intimate with children then you are already a lost cause. People who are sexually intimate with children should be put to death. An adult lion never has sex with a cub. It is unnatural.

The ego in the adult focuses on what they want. Their ego says, “I want sex. I am enjoying this. I am going to use this child for sex.” Then they project their feelings and needs unto the child convincing themselves that what they want is okay. They convince themselves that the child wants it too. They don’t care who they are hurting or what the effects of their actions on the child will be.

A child cannot give consent to sexual activity. Children are sexual because they are human beings, not because they are ready to engage in sexual activity. They do not have the capacity to understand sexual activity the way an adult understands it. They are operating from a level where they have no previous experiences to draw from. They experiment as a form of play which is what children are meant to do in order to learn. If a child is being overtly sexual, it is up to the adult to tell them no. The child does not know or understand what they are doing. They may be copying behavior that they have heard from the adults around them or seen older children or adults do. It does not mean they are open to sexual activity with adults.

There is no such thing as having sex with children. There is only rape. Any sexual activity with a child is rape because the child is not mature enough to give consent to sexual activity. Any adult who touches a child sexually is mentally ill and needs to be ousted from the community immediately. Do not make excuses for people who are sexually attracted to children.


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