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The Eleventh Sin Is To Live In Fear

We must never allow ourselves to live in fear. Fear of our neighbours, fear of our parents, fear of our spouse, fear of our government etc. It is not good to be fearful all the time. It is not good to be fearful at all.

We live in a society that runs on fear. You can’t leave your car running because someone might steal it. You can’t leave your door unlocked because someone might steal all your stuff. You have to be careful at night because someone might attack you. You have to watch out because you might get murdered. You have to watch your kids because they might get kidnapped. Our entire life is filled with fear. We have gotten so used to living in fear that we barely notice it.

Our solution to living in fear is to have more surveillance cameras, bigger prisons and more police. None of those things are solutions. We still live in fear. Prisons, cameras and police are symptoms of a society that runs on fear.

It is a sin to live in fear because we have not created a society that is peaceful. If we live in fear, it may mean we have elected a government that keeps us fearful. If we live in fear, it may mean we are raising our children to steal from others or to cause harm to others. If we live in fear, it means we are solving our differences with violence and war.

Living in fear may mean we are not strong enough to leave fearful situations. In most cases people want to prove they are stronger than the situation they’re in. Or they may want to prove they are strong enough to fight certain people or certain situations so they stay with people they shouldn’t or stay in situations that they shouldn’t be in.

It is okay to feel fear. Fear is a feeling like all our other feelings. We should never pretend we aren't afraid. We should acknowledge our fear and look for ways to get out of the fearful situation we are in. We can’t let fear make us do things we wouldn’t normally do if we weren’t afraid.

We should never stay in a fearful situation to prove we are "strong" or to prove we are better than the other person, or to prove that the other person doesn’t intimidate us, or to prove we are right and the other person is wrong. Our first priority should be to get out of the fearful situation. It is okay to run when we need to run. It is okay to leave even if we think people will think we are weak. The goal of life is to be happy. Living in fear, being with people who make us afraid and being in fearful situations is never happiness.

First acknowledge the fear. Second, find a way to get out of the fearful situation. Third, stay away from those causing the fear.


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