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Our Goals

The goals of the religion are:

1. Our number one goal is to get rid of suffering for all living things.

2. To get people to tackle the root of social problems instead of tackling the symptoms. We focus on changing behaviors, not people.

3. To make people realize that there is only one race. The human race. We may divide ourselves into groups and call ourselves different things but the reality is we are all the same. We come out of one source and though we look different from each other, we are all one.

4. To make people realize we are a part of nature. We are not above it, not here to rule it, or to bend it to our needs. We are caretakers and our job is to care for everything on Earth.

5. To safeguard water. We need the Earth to hold us up in the universe but we need clean water to sustain the life on it. We must prevent people from polluting water.

6. To get women to realize their importance in the world; that they are the creators of the world and if they are not careful, the destroyers.

7. To create communities, governments and religions run by women.

8. To get rid of gender stereotypes. Mother Nature makes only two human sexes: female and male. Gender roles are created by human beings. We need to not restrict the way people dress and behave because of their sex.

9. To create better human beings. To create human beings who have empathy, compassion and kindness.

About Us

An online women run religion whose goal is to stop suffering in the world for all living things. It is women focused and women run.

Our Mission

The mission of The Sommerians is to empower women. We will do that by educating women on how to take control of their lives. Our vision for the future is a world run by women in which everyone lives in peace and no sentient being is suffering.

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