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April 30, 2023

Why Sommerians Believe Everything And Everyone Is Equal

We believe that life is a circle, not a straight line. In a circle every being is contained inside a whole. No being is separate. Everyone and everything is connected.

The circle contains energy. All life is energy. All energy is the same energy. There is no good energy. There is no bad energy. There is only energy.

All organisms are equal in that they are energy in different forms. The elephant is energy in the shape of an elephant. The rat is energy in the shape of a rat. The wo...

February 28, 2023

Is There A God?

No. People create gods and goddesses. Humans switch from one god to another over time. At some point in time, no matter how big a religion is and no matter how certain people are that their god is the only god that should be worshipped, some other religion and some other god eventually overthrows it.

One of the reasons humans create gods and goddesses is to motivate us to be good. Some people believe that without a god, they have no reason to be good. Being good just for the sake of bei...

February 28, 2023

6 Reason Why We Die

Everyone wants to know why we die. We would love it if we could live forever but that is not possible for various reasons. Here are six reasons why we die.

1. Death serves several purposes. Because we are on a planet of suffering it gives us a reprieve from suffering. Without death we would continue to suffer endlessly. Imagine if you were being tortured and there was no death. Imagine if you were a woman in a country where women are forced to marry men and be their wives and you had to...

February 27, 2023

Mother Nature Never Judges

There is no such thing as good or bad. We got the belief that good and bad exists from religion. In every religion there is a god or a goddess who judges us. They watch our every move, waiting for us to be "bad" so they can throw us into a lake of fire after we die. If we are "good" they take us to heaven. Why on Earth would anyone want to live with a god that has other souls burning in pain forever? Just the thought makes me cringe.

Lucky for us Sommerians, we don&#...

February 25, 2023

We Come From Light

We all know about the big bang theory. It states that we came from nothing, from darkness and so we build our knowledge of ourselves and our universe from that premise. The thing is, when we start out to prove a premise right, we find the proof we are looking for. The question determines the answer we find. If we suppose that we came from nothing then when we set out to prove it, we will find all the proof we need to support that theory.

I do not believe that we come from nothing, from ...


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