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About Us

We are a nature based religion. We don’t believe in a god or in worshipping deities. We believe there is a force in the universe and that force is female.

Why a new religion? Why not? Look at the world. The other religions have been around for a very long time, yet the world is not getting better. People will say it’s not the religion, it’s the people. Religion IS people and the people ARE the religion. You cannot separate the two. People need religion. They need rituals. They need something higher than themselves to believe in. History proves that. New religions are created all the time. Why not believe in something that actually makes a positive difference in the world?

All the other religions were started by men. They are run by men and they maintain male rule in the world. The Sommerians is a religion started by a woman and run by women so that makes it very different from the other religions. I, Sommer, created this religion in an attempt to help women regain their power in the world. I believe a world run by women will be a peaceful world, a kinder world and a better world.

The universe is feminine. The Mother (Mother Nature) is a generic term for the feminine energy in the Universe. We view the world through a female perspective. We do not worship the Mother as a being who controls our lives but as energy that exists in all things, energy which gives us life and supports all life. Our motto is give, comfort and nourish. That is called the Mother Principle and is the main principle we live by.

We are realists. We do not believe in magic or that we were created by a magical being. We believe in nature and evolution. Yet we do believe in life after death, the spirit realm and reincarnation. We just don’t believe that the spirit realm is better than the material realm or that we should strive for a ”heaven” or nirvana after death. We believe that we should focus on the here and now, not on the where we were or where we will be.

About Us

An online women run religion whose goal is to stop suffering in the world for all living things. It is women focused and women run.

Our Mission

The mission of The Sommerians is to empower women. We will do that by educating women on how to take control of their lives. Our vision for the future is a world run by women in which everyone lives in peace and no sentient being is suffering.

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