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Is There A God?

No. People create gods and goddesses. We switch from one god to another over time. At some point in time no matter how big a religion is and no matter how certain people are that their god is the only god that should be worshipped, some other religion and some other god eventually overthrows it.

One of the reasons we create gods and goddesses is to motivate us to be good. Without a god, we feel we have no reason to be good. Being good just for the sake of being good is not enough for us. We need to be motivated and so we create a god who punishes us for being bad and rewards us for being good. Without the fear of god's wrath or the expectation of heaven motivating us to be good, deep down we don't believe we would be good.

The other reason people create gods and goddesses is because we need to believe there is more to life than there is. No matter what god we choose to worship, they exist to remind us that this life is temporary and that we will continue to exist after death whether it is in a heaven or a hell, our life will go on.

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